Our 8oz. Goat's Milk and Honey Lotion is a great daily lotion for dry skin (or even well hydrated skin) leaving your skin feeling great. Use in morning, mid-day and evening routine. Don’t forget to even use our lotions after The Candle Studio’s sugar scrubs. Great spa combination!

Mango Mint - This fragrance combination is the best of both worlds! This fresh minty lotion is perfectly blended with our citrusy and exotic mango scent. Your skin will thank you after your first application!

Lavender Cinnamon - this interesting scent combination is amazing to the nose! One whiff of this lotion will keep you reapplying throughout the day. Lavender typically calms while cinnamon is a radiant scent, you will be pleasantly surprised of how this twist of fragrance will be the only lotion you use.

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