Sample Fundraiser

Here you’ll be able to describe your fundraiser and feature aspects of your cause. We’ll build this page for you, you’ll just need to supply the content and images. We’ll take care of the images of the candle.


Feature Who you’re helping

Tell us about who or what your fundraiser is going to help! Add a link to your fundraiser’s website or your social media accounts.

Talk about your fundraising goals

Let us know how to help you get to your fundraising goals, how much you’ve already raised and how close you are to meeting your goal.


feature your candle

We’ll get a nice image of your candle for this page. Give us a link so orders can be sent to you through PayPal. We’ll help you set it up if you need us to!


Ready to get started? Fill out the form on our fundraising page and a scent specialist will contact you to set up your first consultation.