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Looking for a way to raise money for your non-profit? Try our soy candles! You can customize the label and scent of your candle and we’ll set up a custom purchase page for you at no additional cost. See a sample here.

Candles can be a refreshing change from the typical candy bar or magazine sales that circulate each year, giving your cause an extra boost when sourcing funds. Non-profits on average can receive as much as 60% profit margins on candle sales. Scented candles not only create associative memories for your fundraiser, but also give you the added exposure to new potential donors when they are displayed.

Not to mention your candle will be unique, as you’ll be able to select from our 90+ fragrances and we’ll help you design a custom label in a dedicated vessel that works with your design.

The Candle Studio helped us source enough funds to cover all of our expenses for our annual volunteer trip!
— Girl Scout Troop #58673

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