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It's Fall, Y'all

It’s Fall, y’all.

Whether you’re ready for the seasons to change or not, we’re here to get you excited about all things fall at The Candle Studio!

Fall is a time of scents galore and candles are already flying off the shelves at local retailers.  So, why not create your own fall candle? Maybe you’re more Autumn Leaves and less Pumpkin Spice. Whatever your ideal fall scent may be, The Candle Studio is ready to see (and smell!) what you come up with.  With over 90+ fragrance oils to choose for your custom candle, we’re sure you’ll create something that is YOU and smells great! 

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RECAP: The Candle Studio Pours with Pride at Akron Pride 2019

The city of Akron came together on Saturday August 24th to celebrate the area’s LGBTQ community, diversity, and inclusiveness. The crowd at Hardesty Park was estimated by fire department and law enforcement officials to made of more than 20,000 people, all there for one cause: Akron Pride Festival 2019. Attendees filled the park with a rainbow of colors, smiles, and celebration. There was music, dancing, and even candle making! The Candle Studio was one of many vendors at the festival, offering a mobile pour bar for guests to remember the day in a unique way.

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