SCENTsational New Fragrances: Basil & Rosemary!


The Candle Studio is pleased to introduce Rosemary and Basil into our SCENTsational Fragrance collection! Start fresh in 2019 with new scents for your home or office! 


Rosemary has a strong, woodsy fragrance. Smelling rosemary is said to help improve memory and reduce anxiety. Those two benefits alone could help with some resolutions this year! Rosemary pairs well with lemongrass, lavender, fresh mint, eucalyptus and of course our other new scent this month...basil!



Basil has a pungent, yet slightly sweet aroma. Basil is thought to improve respiratory issues and mood; two benefits many of us could use this time of year! It blends with lavender, lemongrass and grapefruit as well as rosemary.


Try creating your own custom scented candle blending rosemary, basil and lemongrass for a stimulating scent; or swap the lemongrass for lavender for a more relaxing one. Our scent stylists are always there to help make sure you're happy with your custom creation, so the possibilities are endless.


You can purchase both basil and rosemary in pre poured candles as well.

Mention this blog and receive $5 off any purchase of $20 or more! And be sure to check back soon, we have more exciting scent additions coming very soon!