Scent of the Summer - Citronella

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When you think of summer what scents come to mind? The fresh smell of pool water, fresh cut grass, and citronella fill our noses. Introducing The Candle Studio’s Scent of the Summer - citronella!

Citronella is a grass that mainly grows in Asian countries as well as some islands of the South Pacific.  Many are familiar with citronella’s insect repellent properties, which is why this essential oil is used during the summer months on many patios and porches throughout the neighborhoods.  Citronella kills and keeps away insects and is particularly effective on mosquitos.  

Citronella’s rich, crisp lemony aroma also induces feelings of freshness, happiness, and hope.  The citrus aroma removes bad odor and leaves behind a pleasant, fresh smell. Perfect for the outdoors or indoors this summer season!


Ready to create & pour your own candle perfect for the summer months? We have 90+ fragrances available to choose from when pouring, mixing, and creating your own custom soy candle at The Candle Studio! Our Scent Stylists recommend these checking out these fragrances when perfecting your indoor citronella candle:

  • Lavender

  • Lemongrass

  • Rain

  • Peach

  • Mango

  • Sea Breeze

  • Mint

  • Amber Musk

OR create a candle with only citronella as the fragrance to keep outdoors all summer long! 

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